The Wanneng Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

IWC’s new and old Da Vinci series was re-launched at the 2017 SIHH new product launch, abandoning the less successful angular shell a decade ago and replacing it with a classic round design. Although it sounds safe, the IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph has unexpectedly become one of my favorite new versions this year for the following reasons.

I dare say: For a long time, the Cheap IWC Replica Watches perpetual calendar—especially the Portuguese perpetual calendar—has always been one of the really complicated and expensive watches I can see. Not only in luxury airport lounges or event venues, but also in the perfect everyday environment, outside and around – although it is more likely in the big cities of rich countries in the world than anywhere else. Although this is a statistically unfounded statement, I will stick to it, because in the real world, seeing such a complicated watch on people’s wrists is not only fascinating, but to some extent It also motivates people to look at the watch in a slightly different way.

It’s worth noting that I have been dissatisfied with IWC Replica Watches for a while, and they don’t seem to have been too hasty to create a new chapter for their impressive perpetual calendar developed by Kurt Klaus. But now, with the launch of IWC, this situation seems to have finally changed.

At IWC, “If you have questions, go ahead” may be a mantra, but we will see that this is not without reason. It seems to be consistent with the recent reinvention of Ingenieur (meaning Ingenieur), which also abandoned more radical and angular lines, using a round shape that is more suitable for the target population. However, it is not boring because it provides a lot of good and some unexpected details, so let’s do all of this in our way.

On the watch, especially on the metal watch, the red gold watch of the IWC Wynn’s perpetual calendar is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching watches of SIHH 2017. Although I personally feel that the dial on IWC Replica last year is very disappointing, this Da Vinci’s “face” is completely opposite in every respect. It is serious, purposeful, balanced, and its quality of execution matches its price point – qualities that are not thought of when looking at pilots.

Manufactured 89,630 caliber IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Timepiece IWC first put Kurt Kraus moon phase indicator system and dual timing counter sub-dial – talk about a niche, but an impressive feat…here the month The phase is accurate rather than insignificant in the majority of the lunar phase in 122, but one day in 577.5.

The soft appearance of the gold index is beautifully contrasted with sharp, angular and pointed hands – a subtle but impressive detail. Fake IWC Watches has more than 30 years of experience in designing the same feature-rich dial, which means that the silver-plated dial does not have any outstanding patterns or textures. As a soft-light background, all other carefully separated elements stand out and improve legibility. To reduce the aesthetic burden.

The year window of 7 or more is obviously more to show off, not the other – if it is to make the life of the watchmaker easier to set the eternal function of the sport, it can still be hidden by the dial itself. But the International Whaling Commission even said that they have “provided a century slide between 2200 and 2499 with 22, 23 and 24 numbers on it – you know, just to prevent 2247 manufacturing technology from allowing this to be made. small parts.”

The perpetual calendar matches the 12-hour chronograph, and it also has a reverse function, just to make the already impressive watch more complicated. Operating at 4Hz, the 89630’s 68-hour power reserve is charged by a truly huge (typical iwc) winding rotor, which solid 18 red gold, wind in any direction. Swiss IWC Watches claims that it can maintain a reserve of 68 hours while the chronograph is running.

All of these impressive works, however, for whatever reason, the most prone-to-wear components of some of the winding mechanisms of ceramic “renew” are not performed in this sport – although it is a fairly cheap Portuguese Comment here.

Although the watch is 43 mm wide and 15.5 mm thick (IWC called it “Amazing Case Height”), the size of this new watch is in the middle of today’s watch size – almost the same as pure pain. . The thickness is quite impressive, but I’m pretty sure that when you use a huge rotor stack to automatically wind the wire, the barrel supports a long power reserve, a back chronograph, and a perpetual calendar, each with a traditional indication possible. If 15.5 mm is too thick for you, you may have to sacrifice some features to reduce the overall thickness by a few millimeters.

Despite this, the rotatable lugs and the Santoni leather shoulder straps – some of the best OEM shoulder straps – ensure excellent wearing comfort. Another benefit of the joint lug is that it doesn’t look as “long” as it normally would: it falls from a plane at a steeper angle, and the entire stretch is reduced along the width of the wrist, making it look more reasonable. . Last but not least, the dome sapphire crystal performs very well, making the case look thinner than it actually is, leaving room for tall center pinions to reach above the dial plane, but getting rid of bulky and thick borders . These are good details, but how are they superimposed?

If you read my recent comments on Omega Ploprof, you will know that I have a recognized tendency to compare some watch designs to architecture… Yes, this happens again. Da Vinci on IWC reminds me of the church: there is a busy (but quite clever) combination of details, and a sense of immortality. When I personally created this new Da Vinci work, can I accurately recall it? No, but there is something that attracts me to see the picture above until I figure out what this watch reminds me of. If you think I am crazy, I am thinking about this idea alone, or you agree with this comparison, write your comment below.

From a completely subjective thinking game to an objective history: IWC produced the first Da Vinci perpetual calendar chronograph in 1985, reference 3750. Equipped with IWC 79060 caliber, a permanent calendar timing exercise that can be adjusted without clumsy correction settings, but from the case, it requires a more complex and eye-catching look.

To my surprise, my understanding of architecture did not deviate too much: it was said that Hano Burtscher, the chief designer of IWC Ivan, was an admirer of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), and he was in the Atlanta Code. (Codex Atlanticus) participated in the planning of port defense fortifications (and many other jobs). To make a long story short, Burtscher designed the united calendar displays, four dials, nine hands, a four-digit year display, a moon phase indicator, and a complex but very classical casing. Clean lines and rotating lugs are combined. If you want to read the full story, IWC is actually done very well here.

In summary, the red gold dial of IWC is a truly eye-catching watch that blends traditional design styles and does not look like fossils from another era, nor is it from the modern age. Imitation. It elegantly carries its beauty and actual weight, allowing it to make powerful statements without seemingly too hard. I am very happy that this year is not a pilot year.

The red gold version of the IWC Perpetual Calendar IW392101 is priced at $40,200, and a steel version (IW392103) will be available soon, priced at $29,900.

IWC Schaffhausen Replica Watches Forum

In 1880, the Rauschenbach family takeover took over the IWC watch, and the thin and slim women’s watch movement quickly became the new favorite on the IWC’s production line. Cal. 63 and 64 movement, once launched, attracted much attention, becoming the favorite pocketbook for ladies. Since 1900, ladies began to wear exquisite timepieces as brooches or pendants. IWC is packed with a collection of exquisite cases obsessed and delighting female customers, lavishly decorated with delicate motifs, some of them adorned in Art Nouveau style.

SAVONNETTE Pocket Watch (1909)
Cal. 64 Movement • No Crown Number – Historical Design • 18K Rose Gold Diamond Set • Manual Winding

The Caliber 431 was introduced in 1954 as the smallest watch movement in the history of IWC, featuring an oval design measuring 11.3 x 15.25 mm. From 1954 to 1971, the watch movement produced about 48,000 pieces.

Women’s Watch (1958)
Cal. 431 Movement • Ref. 9753 • 1958 First Production • 18K Yellow Gold Diamonds • Manual winding

From the 1950s to the 1960s, the designs of jewelry timepieces were still dominated by elegant and practical styles. IWC  decided to carefully expand the brand jewelry series, to further consolidate the leading watchmaking field status. Among them, Ref. 6101 watch can be described as a model for this period. From 1973 to 1978, this exclusive limited edition watch produced only 64 pieces worldwide.

Women’s wristwatch (1975)
Cal. 432 Movement • Ref. 6101 • 18K Yellow Gold • Manual winding

In the 1970s, IWC’s Jewelry Timepieces range has been established. During this period, at least one-third of IWC’s customer base sales came from female customers. From 1970 to 1977, the Ref. 7400 produced 69 pieces of watches worldwide.

Women’s Watch (1976)
Cal. 185 Movement • Ref. 7400 • 1976 First Production • 18K White Gold Set with 36 diamonds • Manual winding

In 1976 IWC introduced the Stain-less steel (SL) series, a collection of luxury watches made of stainless steel and stainless steel. Inspired by the first “barrel” Da Vinci, this collection adds two more new touches to create the new IWC Da Vinci product line: the Da Vinci-SL Collection. Among them, Ref. 4184 watch size is 25.5 x 20.8 mm, designed for women slender wrist made, formally launched in 1977.

Da Vinci-SL (1977)
Cal. 412 Movement • Ref. 4184 • 1977 First Production • Stainless steel • Manual winding

In the late 1970s, after German instrument manufacturer VDO Adolf Schindling AG took over the acquisition of IWC , the company was determined to innovate. For the first time, it designed and manufactured the watch case for the first time, incorporating numerous innovations such as the case of female models and male models Made of titanium. In addition, IWC has developed a new titanium coating and hardening process to nitriding titanium with a unique blend of process gases1). Engineers Günther Grötchen modulation of a unique color, known as the “Spanish olive green.” This dark green case has excellent scratch resistance and a hardness of 2,000 Vickers. In 1984, the Ref. 4508 watch produced only 20 pieces worldwide.

Ingenieur (INGENIEUR) series Ms. SL quartz watch (1984)
Cal. Q 2249 Movement • Ref. 4508 • Titanium Case • Spanish Olive Green

In 1988, IWC released the Da Vinci ladies chronograph Ref. 3735, following the iconic features of the series since its inception, equipped with a Cal. 630 semi-mechanical chronograph movement, as well as the date and moon phase Display function. The watch offers K gold and stainless steel stainless steel two material options, and another diamond and diamond-free models to choose from. IWC Da Vinci Women Replica Chronograph has become one of the most successful women’s watches at IWC.

Da Vinci Women’s Chronograph (2000)
Cal. Q 630.1 Movement • Ref. 3736 • Stainless steel