Redesigned IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Special Edition Watch with New Sports

As Baselworld’s disharmonious sounds released in 2016 reached its lowest point, we saw the release of three new IWC Ingenieur chronographs that chose a retro-style case instead of the previous Gerald Genta design. A new Cheap IWC Replica Watches 69370 internal movement was introduced. These three models are all limited editions to commemorate the 74th Goodwood Member Conference. IWC IWC chronology “The 74th General Assembly in Goodwood” is limited to 74 pieces and features a rose gold case, IWC IWC “Rudolf Caracciola” is a stainless steel case, IWC IW version “W 125” is titanium Case. The last two will have 750 watches running.

The new 42mm wide 15mm high case has two accumulators, a small seconds dial and a tachometer on the outer edge. IWC Replica said that the design was inspired by the dashboard of an old sports car – but no matter what its design roots, it was a distinct new design compared to the Gerald genta design previously designed by IWC Ingenieurs. The corners, integrated lugs and crown protectors are gone. No border screws, rubber, plastic or anything like that. The subtle movements like the two circles at 12 o’clock are reminiscent of the first IWC Ingeniuer (below), which was a few years before Genta was commissioned to rebuild Ingeniuer.

In addition to the aesthetic re-launch, the internal caliber of IWC Replica Watches 69370 has also changed. This is an automatic timing exercise with a date, a stopwatch, and a small hacker second. The movement consists of 200 parts measuring 30 mm wide and 7.9 mm high. It operates at 28,800 vph and has a 46-hour power reserve.

Fake IWC Watches also used only 74 pieces of rose gold chronographs at Goodwood’s 74th member meeting, with red gold hands and intarsias, and a brown calfskin strap. The black dial with rose gold and red gold is very classic, old-fashioned, and I think 42mm is the ideal case size, not 46mm. Personally, I don’t like the red color on the subscript – I understand the inspiration of the car and the car, but it looks a bit confusing. Fortunately, I don’t feel so strong about the red color of titanium and steel.

As shown in the above picture, the Swiss IWC Watches chronology version of the “Rudolf Karachola” is to commemorate the same name racer who won three European drivers in the 1930s. On the brown burdock strap, the 42 mm case is made of stainless steel and the dial is slate. The hands and decals are inside, and as I mentioned before, the red dials look good in these news photos.

The IWC chronology “W 125” was inspired by the Mercedes-Benz w125 Silver Arrow in the late 1930s. The titanium case has a black dial with black hands and intarsia on the dial, a black calfskin strap and a small red dial.

According to IWC, this new design will not replace Ingeniuer designed by Genta, so we may see more unqualified versions appearing outside the current product line. The price of the IWC National Watch Gold Plate “The 74th General Assembly in Goodwood” is $17,200, and the price of the ingenier table “Rudolf Caracciola” and “W 125” is $7,150.

2019 Cheap IWC Ingenieur Replica IW380902

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IWC Big Pilot Watch Top Gun And IWC IWC Pilot Watch Chronograph Top Gun

SIHH 2016 looks like IWC Replica Watches annual shrinkage and old-fashioned minimalism, and their Big Pilot’s Watch Top Gun and Big Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun pocket watches are no exception. Interestingly, the International Whaling Commission referred to the current large (now retired) pilot’s gun as a “compact 48 mm casing.” “Well, in that case, the new model will become very refined, the Top Gun will be reduced to 46mm, and the big pilot’s watch timing Gun Gun will be reduced from 46mm to 44mm. This will definitely cause disagreement. But a slightly smaller size may prove to be more suitable for wearing, especially for the big pilot’s watch Top Gun.

There are two aesthetic decisions that are consistent with the Best IWC Replica Watchs, which recalls the more classical Pilot watch. The first is to decide to remove the outline of the signal red airplane from the second hand. Another change is that they are removing the colored “Top Gun Miramar” logo printed on the case back (added to the “top gun” Miramar, which has been in use since 2012). They now choose a more cautious, lettering logo. In addition, another new theme for 2016 is the newly added calf leather shoulder strap. For this watch, they are replacing the cloth strap with an embossed black burdock strap.

The weird thing about Cheap IWC Replica Watches is that they will make their own chronograph smaller than the non-chronograph. Just like the IWC Grand Pilot’s overhead gun (Ref. IW502001) contracted by 2 mm, the IWC Grand Prix’s chronograph top rifle (Ref. IW389001) also shrank 2 mm. It dropped from 46mm to 44mm, and for the more traditional single date window, it also lost the triple date display. For many watch enthusiasts, the date window seems to be a particularly annoying detail, so I suspect that it would be too much to remove the triple date display from the big pilot’s watch timer and the other protests caused by several pilot watches. Too malicious.

One variation of the chronograph is the addition of an internal 89361 caliber movement. This is a 12-hour timer that combines the hours and minutes of the stop on the upper dial and a reverse function to reset the timer without stopping. The sport has a 68-hour power reserve running at 4Hz as well.

The watch of the IWC Grand Prix is ​​44mm wide and 15.5mm thick. The black ceramic looks very beautiful. This combination with the titanium casing and other components should make the IWC Replica Grand Pilot’s watch timepiece Top Gun watch light on the wrist. IWC also mentioned the “soft iron inner shell” used to prevent magnetism, but did not give us a specific indication of how diamagnetic the watch is. Tapered, screwed into the crown helps maintain an acceptable water resistance of 60 meters.

For the IWC’s three-watch Top Gun watch, the familiar white triangle consisting of two points has moved from the chapter ring to the 12-point mark, above the IWC logo. The Fake IWC Watches caliber 51111 is equipped with a Breguet spring, a power reserve of 7 days (168 hours), and a running speed of 3 Hz. At 6 o’clock there is a date display and a convenient power reserve indicator with only red spots on the black and white dials. IWC uses a patented claw winding system that builds a considerable power reserve by rotating the 1960-turn rotor.

The price of the IWC pilot of the IWC pilot watch, Top Gun (citing IW389001), is $10,900, and the price of the IWC pilot of the IWC pilot, Top Gun (citing IW502001), is $13,800.