IWC Big Pilot Watch Top Gun And IWC IWC Pilot Watch Chronograph Top Gun

SIHH 2016 looks like IWC Replica Watches annual shrinkage and old-fashioned minimalism, and their Big Pilot’s Watch Top Gun and Big Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun pocket watches are no exception. Interestingly, the International Whaling Commission referred to the current large (now retired) pilot’s gun as a “compact 48 mm casing.” “Well, in that case, the new model will become very refined, the Top Gun will be reduced to 46mm, and the big pilot’s watch timing Gun Gun will be reduced from 46mm to 44mm. This will definitely cause disagreement. But a slightly smaller size may prove to be more suitable for wearing, especially for the big pilot’s watch Top Gun.

There are two aesthetic decisions that are consistent with the Best IWC Replica Watchs, which recalls the more classical Pilot watch. The first is to decide to remove the outline of the signal red airplane from the second hand. Another change is that they are removing the colored “Top Gun Miramar” logo printed on the case back (added to the “top gun” Miramar, which has been in use since 2012). They now choose a more cautious, lettering logo. In addition, another new theme for 2016 is the newly added calf leather shoulder strap. For this watch, they are replacing the cloth strap with an embossed black burdock strap.

The weird thing about Cheap IWC Replica Watches is that they will make their own chronograph smaller than the non-chronograph. Just like the IWC Grand Pilot’s overhead gun (Ref. IW502001) contracted by 2 mm, the IWC Grand Prix’s chronograph top rifle (Ref. IW389001) also shrank 2 mm. It dropped from 46mm to 44mm, and for the more traditional single date window, it also lost the triple date display. For many watch enthusiasts, the date window seems to be a particularly annoying detail, so I suspect that it would be too much to remove the triple date display from the big pilot’s watch timer and the other protests caused by several pilot watches. Too malicious.

One variation of the chronograph is the addition of an internal 89361 caliber movement. This is a 12-hour timer that combines the hours and minutes of the stop on the upper dial and a reverse function to reset the timer without stopping. The sport has a 68-hour power reserve running at 4Hz as well.

The watch of the IWC Grand Prix is ​​44mm wide and 15.5mm thick. The black ceramic looks very beautiful. This combination with the titanium casing and other components should make the IWC Replica Grand Pilot’s watch timepiece Top Gun watch light on the wrist. IWC also mentioned the “soft iron inner shell” used to prevent magnetism, but did not give us a specific indication of how diamagnetic the watch is. Tapered, screwed into the crown helps maintain an acceptable water resistance of 60 meters.

For the IWC’s three-watch Top Gun watch, the familiar white triangle consisting of two points has moved from the chapter ring to the 12-point mark, above the IWC logo. The Fake IWC Watches caliber 51111 is equipped with a Breguet spring, a power reserve of 7 days (168 hours), and a running speed of 3 Hz. At 6 o’clock there is a date display and a convenient power reserve indicator with only red spots on the black and white dials. IWC uses a patented claw winding system that builds a considerable power reserve by rotating the 1960-turn rotor.

The price of the IWC pilot of the IWC pilot watch, Top Gun (citing IW389001), is $10,900, and the price of the IWC pilot of the IWC pilot, Top Gun (citing IW502001), is $13,800.

IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 55 Hands-on Practice

Sometimes you really want a big watch, obviously, sometimes you want a big one. There is no doubt that this 55mm wide Cheap IWC Replica Watches Grand Pilot’s traditional watch 55 watch can hardly be worn in most cases. I mean, yes, you can put the titanium case on the plush leather strap on your wrist quite easily (and surprisingly comfortable) – but this is a pure novelty watch from start to finish.

It’s a pity that a clock like this has to spend so much money. This means that only a handful of well-funded geek collectors will be able to enjoy (from time to time) such large-scale modern timers, based on historical military pilot watches for the specific German army in the early mid-20th century in a particular global conflict of construction. When you want to make love on a wearable clock, the size and controversial inspiration of the circus can be a good thing. At this point, the IWC Replica Grand Prix’s traditional watch 55 will be an excellent desk (or dashboard) clock. Unfortunately, despite the large size of the case, its power reserve is not long.

If there is any difference, it is the biggest mistake in such a watch is that IWC does not use the internal space well enough. In all of these cases, they can easily include some exercise, at least a week or more of power reserve. I mean, IWC’s big pilot’s watch is automatic and has a power reserve of about a week. On the contrary, Fake IWC Watches would prefer to take another route and use the internal structure of this reference table 5104 to make itself more retro and chic.

For this sport, IWC chose the homemade caliber 98300, which works at 2.5 Hz (18,000 bph) and has only 46 hours of power reserve, which is handmade. The idea here may be that IWC Replica Watches wants to convey the purest feeling of “old-fashioned”, because in most cases, the caliber 98300 (although it is a contemporary building) is based on quite old clockwork. What it lacks such as performance, complexity and convenience, it makes up for the feeling that you are clearing old watches – this is exactly what you want. When you drive, Hyundai Motor (Germany) may enjoy electronics… everything… when you appreciate your watch The ticking ticking was inspired by yesterday’s yesterday.

At the SIHH show in January 2016, I first showed the Heritage Watch 55 of the reference table 5104 IWC Big Pilot and its small companion reference 5103 Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 48. Both watches are limited editions and are inspired by the historic 52-caliber T. S. C clock. The originals of the Second World War were also 55 mm wide, but were made of steel, not precision-machined titanium. The coarser Big Pilot’s Heritage 55 is the lower yield of the two models, but from the standpoint of wear resistance and movement, the 5103 IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage 48 watch is a better choice. Not only does it have a more interesting internal manufacturing IWC 59215 movement (59000 home sports, with the automatic rotor and power reserve indicator removed, but still running at 4Hz, with 8 days of power reserve), and it’s wearable, and The cost is also lower. Unlike the ref. 5104 model with a limit of 100 pieces, the 5103 (full reference number is IW510301) is limited to 1000 pieces – this may be a good idea because there will be more demand.

I really like 5103, but I don’t have a chance to experience it for myself. However, 5104 gave me some time. Although this is an interesting watch, the impact of wearing it is impressive. Swiss IWC Watches has once again done the right thing in terms of dial and dial color. The blue hand is a nice touch and off-white glow with a refined dial design that makes for a very classic look. If you are 10 mm smaller, it will be very comfortable to wear. Oh, wait, I mean little 7mm. IWC did not send the big pilot’s legacy form 48 to me (obviously).

IWC has clearly stated that this 5104 watch is “mainly aimed at true pilot watch collectors and enthusiasts”. “Don’t most people buy expensive mechanical timers?” I don’t think everyone can own the original 1940. Perhaps IWC should be part of the collector’s gear, including bomber jackets, scarves, hats, gloves and goggles. Take care of him, just double the price. I really don’t think there are enough “collector watches” with enough life accessories. IWC is working with Santoni and many other high-end leather manufacturers. Don’t you let this happen?

Speaking of the strap, the IWC Big Pilot strap is a brown calfskin strap that is similar in design to the combination of a pilot strap and a NATO strap. This means that the strap itself is very long (if needed), which is good because I think a “back to day” watch like this is often worn on the thigh (when the pilot is sitting in the cockpit). This made me very happy because I didn’t find enough thigh-sized straps – especially on the quality of IWC.

I don’t think IWC will have any problems selling these 5104 watches because of their limited production and the exaggeration of the watch. Regardless of the practicality of the IWC Big Pilot’s Heritage 55 watch, it can be used as an interesting topic to make up for it. For everyone else, there is a more practical ($1400 cheaper) 48mm wide reference book 5103. The IW510401 IWC IWC pilot’s Heritage Watch 55 is priced at $14,800.

IWC Da Vinci Automatic Watch Hands-On

In recent years, IWC has been following the tradition and selected one of the new product updates held by SIHH for a comprehensive update. Last year, IWC added a new set of different Pilot watches to the Cheap IWC Replica Watches catalog, but 2017 will completely change their DaVinci series. Not long ago, we brought you news about the IWC Da Vinci automatic watch, which shows you a series of changes with the improved round case when compared to the IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar. However, with a basic automation model, IWC tried to capture the essence of the Da Vinci timepieces of the early 1980s and to showcase a watch designed and sold for men and women. Simplicity is also key when you set such a universal goal, and the IWC Da Vinci automatic strap and dial combination provides enough diversity to appeal to a range of watch enthusiasts.

The IWC Da Vinci automatic car measures 40 mm and is generally considered to be of a gender-neutral size according to modern standards. This watch is 10 mm thick and very thin. It is ideally suited for men and women (note that this year’s 36mm wide IWC Da Vinci Automatic 36 has been released for women). In my case, I have no problem with the 40mm case. I found these dimensions to be in the best position for comfort and versatility. It is a good thing to see IWC Replica Watches launching a women’s watch that is less refined or feminine. Last year, they made similar adjustments to the IWC pilot’s automatic 36 watch. Interestingly, the watch is the same size as the original Mark XI. However, no matter what, I will not complain that more and more women wear IWCs, and the brand is definitely growing when considering the female group and how they market to them.

I really want to add a picture of the previous Da Vinci series of ads here, because it looks very interesting and funny when it looks too late. Just like a drunk uncle on Thanksgiving Day. Anyway, I just want to share some irony with you because IWC Replica has more women marketing this year than ever before. Look back…

The dial is simple, elegant for some people, and boring for others. Only the time layout and the unobtrusive date are arranged at 6 o’clock in a well-contrast second track. The silver and slate dials are beautiful backgrounds of polished Arabic numerals and gun-shaped hands, both of which match their respective dials. One thing you will notice is that the double-frame border is actually quite obvious, and its combination with convex sapphire crystals results in a compact, retro look.

A noteworthy feature is the setting of the corner ear, which is the hinge, which means to adjust the contour of the wrist to a tighter fit. This watch is a great complement to the small watch, and its design touch is reminiscent of some of the earlier watches in the Da Vinci series, such as the Da Vinci SL automatic watch number 3528.

We have seen IWC and Santoni do some amazing work, naturally, the silver dial IW356601 comes with a Santoni crocodile strap with stainless steel pin. This is a logical match, but you can’t help but like the slightly radical shape of Ref. IW356602, its polished stainless steel bracelet is designed to match the slate dial. Both configurations provide a pleasant wearing experience, and it will be interesting to see how much after-sales support Fake IWC Watches will provide in a compatible strap.

The movement that drives the IWC Da Vinci automatic rifle is 35111. This is the IWC modified Selita SW300-1, which operates at 28800a / h (4Hz) and has a 42-hour power reserve. This is a powerful choice for a sport that is truly useful and has a reliable record. Sturdy, non-aggressive and reliable, the movement is basically like the watch itself.

No, this is not the biggest release of SIHH. It is neither a million-dollar instant chronograph nor a deep, highly complex observation of the universe. The IWC Da Vinci automatic watch is a loyal watch that provides a simple review of the brand’s past and hope for the future. IWC brings an attractive option for men and women. If anyone thinks that IWC is very attractive, it would be interesting to see if its versatility can bring them a truly universal experience. . Swiss IWC Watches has a Finnish automatic dial that costs $5,400, a silver-plated dial with a leather dial that costs $5,400, and a slate-plated bracelet that costs $6,400.