IWC Replica brand best friend Chen Bo Lin

At the end of 2017, Chen Clinton ended her trip to Iceland and wrote a rest for the work of the past five months in the aftertaste of sunset over the Nordic continent. This year, Chen Bo-lin has many key words. Whether it is the rate of expression on the screen, or walking in life, he has always been the one who insisted on the beginning of the heart. “Life is used to live, not to explain,” should be their motto, Chen Bo-lin is indeed living tone, dashing.

Chen Bailin Wears IWC Wensheng Wensi Chronograph “Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation” Special Edition (Model: IW393402)
Looking at his life essay, “time” is used as a node, rendering just the right sense of ceremony for the day. January 2017, Geneva International Watch Fair, 34-year-old Chen Bo Lin coincides with the number 0034 Limited Edition IWC portuguese replica review million expression Westchester Chronograph, give it as a lucky totem. People stand by, confident heart, the taste of life more and more rich. Those who walked the road, the success of decoding the beauty of the journey time.

The role of Chen Bolin warm, warm deeply rooted. The reality release of the character, no doubt let the audience saw his other side: alone, a companion, through the Namibian desert and the Amazon jungle; Australia voyage, he shouted “to the great fairway forward” . Adventurous journey fearless, return is still high-spirited, Chen Bo-lin body, exudes the courage and dedication of the Portuguese vanguard of navigation. This coincides with the spirit IWC replica watches for sale conveyed – awe-inspiring, born extraordinary.

Chen Bo Lin wearing  IWC Portuguese replica watches Perpetual Calendar (Model: IW503302)
Returning to our bank, Chen Bolin continuously breaks through the professional boundaries with different roles. Whether it is a youth movie, a romance film, a literary film or a comedy and a suspense film covered in recent years, this describes himself as a “step-by-step” Virgo boy, with an adventurous heart, to create more face of him and the screen more surprise.
Without fear of breakthrough, do not indulge in glory. Chen Bo-lin measured with enthusiasm and wisdom of the world, the knight’s posture, control the time, endless possibilities to run to the distance.