IWC Pilot’s Timezoner Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Perhaps no brand of pilot watches is more famous than Cheap IWC Replica Watches. When a brand becomes the king of a market segment, one must frequently demonstrate his or her own power to dominate the subject and challenger. In the 2016 SIHH pilot lineup, we found the IWC pilot’s world timer, the IWC pilot’s chronograph (which debuted here) with a very popular and cool spin, and we can see its actual operation. Using a unique internal movement and connection bezel system, you can set and update local time and its 24-hour display by rotating the border. This is a fairly interesting, useful, and easily accessible feature that simplifies the process of jumping from one time zone to another.

Carrying the reference 3905, this automatic timing is 45 mm wide with a steel case, which includes a bezel, approximately 16.5 mm thick. IWC Replica Watches uses a solid case and anti-reflective sapphire crystals (specially designed to prevent rapid pressure reduction) and meets all IWC requirements for pilot watches, waterproof to 60 meters.

The list of useful functions of the IWC pilot’s timer chronograph is supported by IWC’s calibre 89760, a 4hz sport that offers 68 hours of power reserve, 3 hours of date, 12 hours (maximum: 12 hours) and 12-minute dial-up record, and jump hour travel feature. The IWC Replica pilot’s timer not only has a unique way of changing the time zone, but also uses a somewhat strange World Time/Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) display that takes a local 12-hour pointer with a 24-hour pointer (with The red pointed pointers are connected. Therefore, unlike the Rolex GMT Master II, Rolex’s local hands and GMT hands are used to track local time and family time respectively (respectively), IWC IWC pilot’s timer stopwatch extra pointer is only used to display the time zone selected by the bezel 24 hours (AM/PM).

So how does it work? The spring frame is a captive, so it must be pressed before rotation (like IWC 3536). Rotate in any direction according to the circle below, and move the hand around 24 hours back and forth. If you cross the date line, the date will move forward or backward accordingly. If the watch is set up correctly, you can simply turn the bezel until your new city is at 12 o’clock and the time will be updated to accommodate the new location. Cities with daylight saving time have a small “s” position, which will make the summer setting ensure that the correct time is displayed. The entire process is done without affecting the accuracy of the movement or preventing the progress of the second or minute hand.

Time zone changes are so simple and fast, the Fake IWC Watches pilot’s time zone chronograph management covers the traditional spread between the crown-operated time-hopping GMT (Greenwich Mean Time Like Main II) and the 24-hour independent hand providing a view of the second time zone, But there is no convenient way to update the current time to a new area. GMT time is very suitable for travel, the second time zone GMT quick check is great time in another time zone (for example when doing international calls) but the IWC pilot’s time zone chronograph can quickly give you local time and AM / PM You don’t even need to touch the crown any time zone.

I am a big fan of the Greenwich schedule, and the IWC pilot’s chronograph is one of the coolest versions I have ever encountered. While it is difficult to exceed the capabilities of the GMT timepiece, the impressive bezel design of the IWC pilot is a noteworthy and welcome advancement in terms of simplicity and ergonomics. Swiss IWC Watches uses sophisticated interior movements and a unique interface bezel design. The IWC pilot’s chronograph timer is priced at $11,900.