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John Rauschenb ach – Vogel, chief executive and a machine from Schaufhausen designers, run the organization.Then Rauschenbach family company effective operation.The  IWC Da Vinci Replica watch has begun to open the last century production machine converted to electricity.During that time then create all kinds of motor instead of the independent operation equipment in the 1930 s.This period is referred to as the company’s age of electricity.

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The pioneer of stone coal, he Schaufhausen first hydropower station and the industrialization of the long-term laid a foundation.He may be granted F.Jones and his plan shows the incredible interest, they greeted each other with the IWC company laid the foundation.Then, they have taken many measures to build the factory.Start 196 people to work in 45 meters long production area, can accommodate 300 people in the workplace.

IWC Da Vinci Replica watches ceramic chronograph, the best replica watches, high-tech ceramics, satin and polishing, titanium dial floating – minute circle: leonardo  IWC Da Vinci Replica watches chronograph engineering the embodiment of the highest realm of art.In case is equipped with all kinds of technology innovation.Movement of the basic support and action processing part directly in the ceramic ring, the pioneer of this process is the same the cheap IWC Da Vinci Replica watch.Equipped with a waterproof timer button it sameis made of ceramics.Using three dimensional design of the dial is gorgeous and charming, this is the innovation of the IWC.