Three New IWC Portugieser Chronographs Rattrapante Watches Honoring The City Of Milan, Paris, And Munich

The first IWC Replica Portugieser chronograph Rattrapante watched it launched in 1995 and was in the International Whaling Commission catalog in 2006. However, the Whaling Commission has just announced that it will return Portugieser chronograph Rattrapante, not one, but three limited edition works celebrating its boutiques in Europe’s three most iconic cities – Milan, Paris, and Munich.

Even more impressive is that these are not just three identical watches and support or engraving in different situations. That kind. Cheap IWC Replica Watches has three distinct watches with different dials and resonances from us.

The first is the Portugieser chronograph Rattrapante version of “Boutique Milan,” which marks the new boutique of Milan, the most important capital of a fashion world.

The Portugieser Timed Rattrapante Edition “Boutique Milan” features a 41mm red gold-blue dial and the size is unique because of its telemeter’s flange dialing, scale and part of the tachymeter internal dialing. Because it uses precious metals and their disc configurations, it is arguably the best trio.IWC Replica Watches.

The edition “Peace Boutique Street” and the edition “Boutique Munich” are based on the original Portugieser chronograph Rattrapante looking from the 1995 and 41 mm stainless steel cases.

The “Peace Boutique Street” slate dial with black crocodile belt and the “Boutique Munich” blue dial with blue crocodile belt.

These three tables all use the 76240 hand-wound caliber, essentially a modified Valjoux 7750, an instant chronograph function and a 44-hour power reserve. In addition, all three watches also have solid backs engraved with icons of their respective cities.

Portugieser Timed Rattrapante Edition “Boutique Milan” is now available, limited to only 100 pieces. The price is €21500. The Portugieser Timed Rattrapante Edition “Peace Street Boutique” is limited to 250 pieces later this month. The Portugieser Timed Rattrapante Edition “Boutique Munich” is also limited to 250 pieces and will be this upcoming spring. The price is coming soon.

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Redesign Of The Spirit Of The Era Of Ms. Da Vinci’s Collection

This year is IWC Schaffhausen Da Vinci, and three new introductions to a preview in New York yesterday, two are ladies watches, and there are ladies’ works that will be available in Geneva next month at SIHH. Introducing a collection of ladies who work together to strengthen the brand by the Whaling Commission, according to Christian Nuo IWC Creative Director, he said “We are consciously trying to anchor brands in women’s minds, who account for a large part of watch lovers.” Cheap IWC Replica Watches The iconic Da Vinci line, first introduced in the 1980s, has not been revised since 2007.

The first two new ladies’ watches are the Da Vinci Auto 36 Ref.IW458312, with a strong blue dial and stainless steel is the nod to the Whaling Commission. The company has been in women’s watches since the 1930s; in fact, the first watch since the pocket watch is for women, or the man’s preferred timepiece. Although the price has not yet been confirmed, the goal in this new model (with five references) is to provide “competitive prices,” Knoop said. The steel frame model, as shown above, is set to 54 diamonds totaling less than one carat. There are five collections quoted, including gold coins and no diamonds, and tapes of various colors, including raspberries and copper. It contains automatic IWC Replica Watches caliber 35111, 42-hour reserve power.

The second block is the IWC Replica Da Vinci Auto 36 Moonphase IW459308 Ref. The moon phase indication is also the signature of Da Vinci. In 1958, the Whaling Commission introduced an amazing lady’s watch timing and moon phase function table. The time function is a movement of quartz, a new invention, a mechanical movement of the moon phase and chronograph function. The Crescent Moon model is a 36 mm wide, rose gold case with a brown alligator strap. It contains an automatic caliber of 35,800, 42-hour reserve power.

The Suntec Finch model maintains some of the original design guidelines for the line. The most important of these, especially from the perspective of women, is the movable lug, which looks deep and fit. The removable lugs are uniquely collected with Da Vinci, and do not appear in any other brand. “We spent the most time developing in this area,” said Knoop. “Although the concept of movable lugs has been collecting signatures, they have to be completely redesigned because the lugs on the new models have been redesigned to be more streamlined and the older lugs are too long. Looking for a solution, we Constructed 8-10 different prototypes, and finally decided that we thought it would be one of the most modern ergonomics.”

The case and crown refinement of the new model do not lose the original proportion or the double groove peripheral frame. Although the original has an index on the dial, the new model applies Arabic numerals. There is also a new butterfly clasp. The new model of the round shape is important because it is a link to the collection of the Muse, Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance inventor, artist and all-round genius. Da Vinci is obsessed with aesthetic harmony and perfect circle and “golden ratio”, a design formula for the most enjoyable proportion. Da Vinci is also interested in the “flower of life,” a geometric figure in a circle, arranged by a plurality of equally spaced, overlapping circles to form a flower-like pattern with a six-fold symmetrical hexagon. Respected as a symbol of creation and the source of all patterns in the universe. The pattern of the flower of life is a new model engraved in casebacks.

The new women’s Da Vinci daily wearing a watch is ideal. Knoop pointed out that “The Whaling Commission is not a romantic, interesting brand. The Fake IWC Watches is very clean. We are a brand that originated in a pocket watch.” At this special moment, when luxury is struggling, people avoid any decoration, which is perfect for that bill. It is also suitable for a more conservative trend in women’s watches. After a decade of collections of women, actively designed as an independent (male) collection with purely female identity (flowers, butterflies, etc.) they now start to look more like a classic man’s watch, a popular relief. They also often include automatic movements to design smaller scales. Introducing the perfect ladies watch for the spirit of these new eras. We will provide the price and some more pictures as soon as possible.

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IWC Da Vinci Chronograph & Da Vinci Taubir Rotating Mechanism Retrograde Chronograph Watch

aBlogtoWatch long-term watch lovers and readers, you may know that Cheap IWC Replica Watches likes to pay attention to refreshing one of its core collections every year. Last year, the pilot’s watch, Portugieser’s 2015. This year, I am happy to see that the most overlooked collection of IWC is an update. Of course, I am referring to Da Vinci’s collection. In December 2016, the Whaling Commission announced the new Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar and two other Da Vinci ladies’ watches. Today, we are turning our attention to the new IWC Da Vinci Chronograph Edition “The Good Foundation of the Coria Movement”, the International Whaling Commission Da Vinci Tourbon Rotating Mechanism Retrograde Chronograph Watch.

Let’s start with a simple, Da Vinci Chronograph Edition “a good foundation for the Coria movement.” Da Vinci’s earlier announcement of the perpetual calendar shows us that IWC Replica Watches brought back the early Da Vinci watch, and The IWC Da Vinci Chronograph Edition “Good Foundation for the Coria Movement” is the vein. We assume that there will be a standard model for this piece, possibly with most variation caseback designs.

It is worth noting that this is the 11th “Kory Movement’s good foundation table brand. Since 2006, every year, IWC Replica has launched a special edition of the watch sales revenue part of the direct Coria movement A good foundation. The Coria Sports Foundation is a sports-based charity that aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups of young people around the world.

It will have a 42mm wide stainless steel case and a blue dial for the end of the sun, with two sub-dials found at 12 and 6 o’clock. The former is the running hours and minutes of the 12-hour accumulator, while the latter is the second sub-dial run. The sub-dials feature link provides a comparison to dialing. The second-time sub-dial is also the date window.

One of the new features of the IWC Da Vinci case illustrates the curved lugs that will provide a better fit for the wearer. The smooth black Santoni crocodile leather strap, which also gives a look of some gorgeous appearance.

The International Whaling Commission’s Da Vinci Chronograph is the IWC’s internal caliber 89361, which is a chronograph and return movement function. Thanks to the effective double-pawl winding system of the Whaling Commission, the International Whaling Commission’s Da Vinci timepiece version of the “Good Foundation for the Coria Movement” has a power reserve of 68 hours – or nearly 3 days. The water resistance is 30 meters.

Unfortunately, the sport can’t be seen because the watch features a special engraving situation – a feature of all Coria special edition watches. In this case, the case was dismissed and engraved with a winning mentally drawn boy from Shanghai, China. This is a lovely painting and add some fun to this otherwise quite serious look. Once again, I think the Whaling Commission will release a standard model, more typical (possible exhibition).

Continuing, we came to the IWC Da Vinci Taubir Rotating Mechanism Retrograde Chronograph. The name tells you what you need to know. What you need to know is that this is a fairly complicated watch. The Da Vinci Tourbillon Rotating Mechanism Retrograde Chronograph has a red 44 mm wide 18 k gold plate with a silver plated disc and the same articulated lug that will become the defining feature set of the new IWC Da Vinci.

Let’s start with the flying Taublen Rotating Mechanism, because it’s unique in that it’s a hacking turkey rotation mechanism. The Helmet of the Babylon Rotating Mechanism is a rare one because it is often a subtle and complex mechanism of sudden start and stop. But this one, it helps users set their observations with second accuracy. How it works, when the crown exits to the time set position, the two levers control the balance wheel folder and prevent the second hand from moving. Flying the Babylonian rotating mechanism every minute makes a complete rotation, which means that the tourbillon bridge can be used as a second hand.

When using a chronometer, the run time is sub-dial readout at 12 o’clock. Like the earlier Fake IWC Watches Da Vinci Chronograph Edition “Good Foundation for Coria Sport” watch, this watch also uses a 12-hour accumulator to record time. Finally, the International Whaling Commission’s Da Vinci Taubir Rotating Mechanism Retrograde Chronograph also has a retrograde date display on the left side of the phone.

Make all this mechanical magic is the new cuff board internal caliber 89900, which can be seen through the sapphire showcase. The sport consisted of a large red 18k gold rotor and a power reserve of 68 Hz for 68 hours. Water resistance is only 30 meters.

IWC Da Vinci Chronograph Edition “Good Foundation for Coria Movement”, Swiss IWC Replica Watches Da Vinci Tourbillon Rotating Mechanism Retrograde Chronograph Watch More complex model of the collection of two Xinda Finch, I particularly like to The blue dial and whimsical engraving of Finch’s timepiece version of “The Good Foundation of the Coria Movement”. The International Whaling Commission’s Da Vinci Tourbillon Rotating Mechanism retrograde chronograph is of course more complex and arguably more compelling, but I found the dial to be a bit confusing, especially with an eccentric retrograde date display.

The International Whaling Commission’s Da Vinci Chronograph Edition “Good Foundation for the Coria Movement” is limited to 1,500 pieces and is priced at $12,700. The International Whaling Commission’s Da Vinci Taubir Rotating Agency retrograde chronograph, on the other hand, has a price of $103,000.

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