Cheap IWC Replica Big Pilot Ref. 5003 “turbine” watch

One of the most unique large pilot watches ever made by Cheap IWC Replica is also one of the least-known watches, perhaps even the rarest model ever. There are “turbo” on the front and back, it is undoubtedly the pilot’s watch.

Its appeal is that the design is simple and symmetrical, with minimal modifications to the original Big Pilot dial, only the second hand is retained.

The “turbo” second hand is a distinctive and alternative function that claims to be a pilot’s IWC Replica Watches sale, but in a reasonable and restrained manner. The turbine is not obvious from a distance, so avoid looking too pilot.

It is essentially a hand-winding pocket watch movement. It has been improved and equipped with turbo-shaped wheels on the front and back, replacing the second hand and barrel ratchet respectively.

The manual, disposable nature of the Big Pilot “Turbine” means that each of the 12 “turbine” movements is actually more like a handmade prototype than a normal IWC 1:1 replica watches movement.

The 5002 uses a non-screw-in crown, which is a necessary convenience for a manual winding movement. It has long and conspicuous hour and minute markers, which were shortened in the later Big Pilot Ref. 5003 grade 1 replica watches, as well as a triangle and a double point at 12 o’clock.

But it uses applied hour marks instead of the printed marks on the standard dial to be slightly more beautiful. The applied markings correspond to the High quality IWC replica watches dial of the Big Pilot ref. The layout of the hour numbers is also slightly different. The Markus Bühler version has a “closed” nine and a wider kerning between two-digit hours.

IWC Introduces New Big Pilot’s Replica Watch

The XPL for large pilots is the crystallization of Cheap IWC Replica newly established experimental engineering department. The task of this department is to develop an ultra-seismic design that can withstand impact far exceeding the impact resistance and test thresholds of traditional industries.

Most actual effects experienced by most watch wearers tend to occur in the 300-1000 G range. It has withstood accelerations of more than 30,000 Gs.

The core of the XPL of the new IWC Big Pilot Replica Watch is a new cantilever spring suspension system called SPRIN-g PROTECT, which is made of a large piece of metallic glass. This gimbal is used to support the movement inside the case, thereby Protect the case.

It comes from extreme influences. The movement itself is the IWC Cal. 32110 base, its plates are made of aluminum to reduce the overall mass of the movement, thereby improving the efficiency of the spring itself. Even the winding handle of the crown has been specially developed to allow the movement to move independently between the spring and the wall of the case.

But this is a hand-wound movement-even if it is not modified, it tends to have sufficient impact resistance. Once again, the Luxury IWC Fake Watch has passed a test of 30,000 Gs. And it is automatic.

The Big Pilot’s XPL Replica case is still only 44mm, which looks very wearable-I dare say it is even impressive. It does have the iconic sword hilt and super-large pilot’s “onion” crown, and an integrated rubber strap. It looks a bit like borrowed from the current Aquatimer 3290 generation, but it feels like everything else. To be bold, purposeful and completely original.

IWC Big Pilot grade 1 replica watch

The large-scale case diameter of 46.2 mm and the iconic design of the easy-to-read cockpit instrument style are inspired by the large pilot grade 1 replica watch Calibre 52 TSC of the 1940s. It is clearly designed to be worn on the right wrist.

Therefore, the eye-catching diamond-shaped crown is located on the left side of the case. This makes the operation more practical, for example, for left-handers. The soft iron inner case protects the 52010 movement manufactured by High quality IWC replica watch from the adverse effects of magnetic fields on the accuracy of the watch.

The automatic Bieleton winding system is equipped with ceramic components and has a 7-day power reserve in the two barrels. This large pilot’s watch has a power reserve indicator at the “9 o’clock” position and a small second at the “3 o’clock” position.

The latest pilot series, including Big Pilot’s 1:1 replica watches swiss 43 and Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41.

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