Three New Designs Of The IWC Aquatimer Watch In 2016

2015 is nearing completion, which means we can turn our attention to the upcoming 2016 watch. In the new year, Cheap IWC Replica Watches will extend their Aquatimer range of products, which were significantly revised in 2014 (with their peers here). Obviously, these don’t include any major or fundamental design changes, but IWC believes that some new looks are worthwhile. While new watches often learn (or pay homage) from (or to) locations, people, or past models, IWC’s new Aquatimer model seeks to cover all three of these foundations.

The first of these models is the 44 mm IWC Aquatimer chronograph “La Cumbre Volcano” (see IW379505). Although I don’t think I am a “timekeeper”, this photo caught my attention because it uses a set of color schemes. Yes, as a diver, this particular model may not be the most recognizable under water, but it is quite amazing, with a crisp blackened dial accented in the interior border and red on the phone. It joins the increasingly busy IWC Aquarium Time Special Edition, paying tribute to the Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin and Cousteau.

This special IWC Replica Watches aquarium took its name off the La Cumbra volcano on the island of Fernadina in the Galapagos Islands. Why the Galapagos Islands? The International Whaling Commission has been working with the Charles Darwin Foundation to help protect the environment there. Just as the resources on these islands are limited, IWC’s aquatic products are also limited, producing only 500 rubber watches. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Darwin Foundation to help them with their work.

On the other hand, if you want to do some really deep diving (in the IWC Aquatimer Chronograph, “La Cumbre Volcano”, the water resistance of 300 meters looks a bit insignificant, isn’t it?), then the new 46mm IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 (Reference Document IW358001) is what you want. Yes, that’s right – this bad boy’s WR rating is 2000 meters, although this is not a new watch (here is the standard version of the handheld watch), but the bold yellow does make this watch stand out, the color is almost ” radioactivity”.

This special IWC Replica Aquatimer watch is reminiscent of Ferdinand A. Porsche’s watch designed for demining divers in 1982. I told you that this watch is dangerous! This model also has an internal/external time panel titanium casing. This is a very heavy box (also more than 20 mm thick), so it is not helpful to steel.

Finally, we came to the IWC Aquatimer automatic version of the “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau” (reference IW329005), which added the aforementioned IWC Aquatimer chronograph to pay tribute to Cousteau. This is more compact than the IWC Aquatimer 2000, 42mm (steel), only 14mm thick; the waterproof rating is also reduced to 300m. Among the three new watches, I think this piece is my favorite because its dial uses striking blue. Like the Darwin Foundation, how much of the watch’s revenue belongs to the Cousteau Association, the International Whaling Commission did not give specific instructions – Best IWC Replica Watches is an active supporter of the foundation to help repair Calypso . Please note that this is not the first IWC IWC aquarium in honor of Constable, as there is also an existing timing version.

Like other IWC Aquarium models, the IWC Aquarium Auto Edition “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau” has the same internal/external timing borders and overall family appearance. All three models use Fake IWC Watches sports: 89365 chrono, 8010 for IWC IWC 2000, 30120 for IWC Aquatimer 2000. Although I have written these new models, there is no doubt that these new IWC aquarium models are impressive machines that can accompany you to dive. To be frank, for me, German design and sport-oriented watches, like these divers, have something quite appropriate. The price of the IWC Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “La Cumbre Volcano” (refer to IW379505) is $10,700, and the price of the IWC Aquatimer Automatic 2000 (reference IW358001) is $9,500, and the price of the IWC Aquatimer Automatic Edition “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau” (reference IW329005) For $5,600.