Introducing IWC Pilot’s Replica Watch Chronograph Ref. IW377724

3706 is the first mechanical pilot chronograph Replica IWC. It was also one of the best-selling models during the period when IWC was absolutely Swiss.

The Mark XII has just been refurbished, and now it is the pilot’s turn to chronograph as a reissue of the original online Replica Watches. The biggest difference is the size, which is now 43 mm, compared to 39 mm before.

The design of the dial is almost identical until the date is displayed. Unlike the current Pilot Fake watch series, the reissued watch comes with a baton, slim fonts, and a quarter-second trajectory to measure a short time-just like the original model.

The remake is powered by the same movement. 79320, still based on the reliable Valjoux7750. But because the case has been enlarged and the diameter of the movement remains the same, the ratio of the dial is significantly different from ref. 3706.

Like all IWC pilots’ Replica past and present watches, the movement is protected by a soft iron antimagnetic inner cage.